The answer is blowing in the wind



The Exibition: Il tesoro d’Italia

Informations and guided tours:
Timing: from mon-fri 10 to 22.30, sat-sun 10-23.30

In an exhibition space design like a museum, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, the “Tesoro d’Italia” documents, from Piedmont to Sicily, the genetic diversity of some great masterpieces of Italian art that showcase the nature of the places, the lands, the waters and the winds that generated them.

Even to the untrained eye, the difference between an artist from Piedmont and one from Lombardy, a Venetian and Tuscan, between the Marche and Puglia will be noticeable.
Never, like on this occasion, the comparison will allow viewers to recognize the diversity like in every voice of a choir that sings the images of Italy.

The “Tesoro d’Italia” is a mosaic in which the unity of diversity takes place, because Italy is a divisible and this is shown in an unprecedented exhibition, with masterpieces from the fourteenth century to this day, presenting constant elements that have matured over the centuries.

The characteristics of the different cultural areas will be more and more recognizable. It will be for the Venetians, the Piedmontese, The Lombards, Romans, Sardinians, Sicilians, each with different artistic vocabulary and inflections.

In the outdoor area between the two buildings that comprise Eataly at Expo, a sculpture park has been created, to better demonstrate the link between the past and the present.
Outside, on the Decumano, the four horses of Francesco Messina from the 1942 Expo in Rome, have found their home. And, in the same way, the Maternità of Fausto Melotti, that has never before left the atelier where it was created. These monuments dialogue with the testimonies of two contemporary sculptors of different but authentic sensitivity, from all materials, from marble to bronze to mosaics.