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Landscape biodiversity

“In one breath we have discovered thousands of different lands, thousands of humanity, thousands of beauties that unite us Italians with the landscape diversity.

For this we decided to narrate the biodiversity of the Italian landscape through a project with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, a place of learning where the young form their own identity and, in this case, they do it direct contact with the land, its shapes and its products.
The diversity of the Italian landscape is a reflection on the history of Italian agriculture, and human efforts that with time have transformed the wild into something tamed and delicate.

To discover the vast diversity of the boot, we travel from the north to south … We start from the Aosta Valley and its mountain agriculture, we go down to the Langhe between wine and hazelnuts, then the forests of the Ligurian coast and the Cinque Terre. Travelling between the valleys that lead into Garfagnana, arriving in Chianti, until you reach the Capital. After the slopes of the Vesuvius, Irpinia and its dark soil, and then Calabria: harsh and wonderful. Then we reach Sicily, a world of its own. Emerging on the Ionian coast, we pass by Matera and its stones, then to the Salento and its amazing light. The Adriatic coast will accompany us to Venice, where we’ll get lost among its islands and its gardens. Going north to Trieste, which is wedged between several borders and across the towering Dolomites, from here we go down to the plains of Veneto. We cross the Po Valley, along the Great River to Milan, home of Expo.”

Carlo Petrini