The answer is blowing in the wind

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The Italian biodiversity

“We will give an exciting demonstration with four specific installations dedicated to narrate four aspects of the Italian biodiversity”
Oscar Farinetti

Italy is known throughout the world for its great beauty. This great beauty is the origin to the extraordinary Italian biodiversity.

Thanks to the good winds of the Mediterranean that blow on the Italian peninsula, the agricultural and food biodiversity enjoys unparalleled excellence.

And then there’s the Italian cuisine: fresh, light that comes home and is expressed in a great variety of products and traditions. This is the wonder of our regional gastronomy that can be compared to the one of several continents.

Also, the multifaceted nature of Italian landscapes is truly unique. The shape of our country and the winds that cross it mean that rugged mountains are gently transformed into rolling green hills, that the grain and rice fields embrace each other and olive groves and vines grow near the coastline.

The history of the Italian human diversity has prehistoric roots: even then, our country has been a meeting place of joy, unique to the world. Millions of years ago, Neanderthals and Homo sapiens have moved across continents without ever meeting, with the exception of Italy. Here they prospered and have laid the foundation for our wonderful human biodiversity.

When speaking of the beauty and biodiversity of Italy, we cannot forget our unparalleled artistic heritage. They are countless styles that are expressed in the history and geography of Italian art.

That’s the theme that Eataly narrates in Expo Milano 2015: the four biodiversities that give shape to the Italian beauty.

The four Italian biodiversity: