The answer is blowing in the wind


Human biodiversity

Twenty photographs, one for each region, show Italians in one of the most intimate places: the bedroom.

The color of a quilt, a glimpse of the landscape seen through the window, clothes and faces, small gestures: every detail speaks of who we are, and how much we are alike and yet different.

How, then, are Italians today? They are young or elderly, living alone or with their families? They prefer to read or watch TV? They love pets? Bordering between fiction and documentary, this project seeks to provide answers, browsing through our home walls.

Each photo is accompanied by a double caption: a brief description of one of the many shades of our country, and the last verse of Infinity from Leopardi, translated in the dialect of the region in question.

It is sweet to shipwreck in this sea that becomes a kind of mantra, a lucky charm, to be repeated in this long journey.